Cloning/Copying existing config to a different datacenter

I have been using Linode successfully for some time now. It was an easy move from my home office setup to VPS and has been working pretty much flawlessly since I brought it up. Certainly better than my previous setup which relied on Cox business systems which would go down for hours at a time without notice.

I am getting ready to move a client over in pretty much the same configuration. They have their servers in their offices and I will be moving the services they provide over to a VPS.

I plan on cloning my configuration since it is pretty much the same stuff they will need, remove my content and then configure them for their use, and move them one at a time over.

I have Questions…

I am using the Fremont data center as it had the best speed to my home office (Mesa AZ).

The client is however located in MA… it would appear that geographically Newark, NJ would be closer for them.

However, I believe I cannot do a simple clone my config to a different datacenter/account?

I know that I can make a copy of my existing config and move it over to a linode in a different center but that the down time would be much longer than just a simple clone on my own account.

If true… then to me the obvious solution would be…

o Create a new VPS on my account and Clone my config to it.

o Create a new account for them in the Newark data center

o Shutdown the clone VPS and make a backup move to their account in Newark.

o after the move, there is no reason to keep the clone on my account, terminate it.

Does this make sense?

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Raise a support ticket, support can move Linodes between accounts and DCs. They'll be able to sort you out :)


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