apache-mpm-event: optimizing for linode-512


am just getting started with linode.

Looking at the getting started docs, there is a section on optimizing apache for a linode-512

http://library.linode.com/hosting-websi … linode-512">http://library.linode.com/hosting-website#sph_optimizing-apache-for-a-linode-512

Anyone care to share their settings for Apache2 mpm-event ?


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no love =|

Let me ask this a different way:

is mpm-event close enough to mpm-worker to apply the same setting optimizations?

I think you'll be hard pushed to find someone who uses mpm-event in production, in most (if not all) the distros it's still classed as experimental see http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/mod/event.html most people use prefork or worker.

After a quick glance over the event page it appears you can use the same settings as prefork except you can keep keep alives on since they're passed off to a separate thread.


I think you'll be hard pushed to find someone who uses mpm-event in production

Untrue. HostGator's VPS + Dedicated systems run Event to pretty good effect. Performance is great.


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