Where have the 768 plans gone?

Hi Linode

Just noticed from your front page that the 768 plans have been dropped, but I couldn't find anything on your blog about this.

Is this a permanent thing?



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Hello Mark,

Yes, the 768 and 1536 plans are gone from the lineup. Existing Linode 768s and 1536s are grandfathered - meaning nothing will change for them and they will be fully supported.

We did this to simplify our offering, eliminate the oddball plans from our lineup, to reduce complexity and overhead on our end, and because the unpopularity of those plans made this an obvious move.



Hi Chris

Thanks for taking the time to reply - thought I'd missed something along the way, as the backup section of the FAQ page still mentions those 2 plans.



Hmm. I have one 768 right now. Hopefully I won't need another one.

I would really love a double the RAM upgrade from Linode right now. :D

Linode keeps linodes per box homogeneous (only ever the same kinds of linode on the box), so I would imagine that they still have some spare slots on existing 768 boxes that are not yet filled. If an existing 768 customer needs another one (perhaps to clone it, or an automated load handling system needs to be updated to spawn something other than 768s, etc), I would imagine they still have a reserve capacity of 768s to meet these sorts of requetss and special cases.


I was very disappointed to see the 1536 plan disappear, it was priced and specced extremely well as a non-elastic alternative to AWS' c1.medium.

Was going to start migrating my last c1.medium AWS instance to Linode today but that plan is pretty much scrapped now. Ah well, at least you're not kicking me off my existing 1536 instances.

You should try contacting Linode about getting more 1536 instances. They most likely still have a limited amount of available capacity for these sort of situations. Whatever free space was left on 1536 boxes before they discontinued the product is still there, and they can't use it for anything but extra 1536s.

So there is no graduation of plans, $20 straight to $40.

It's not as good a value, but you can get 768MB of RAM on a 512MB linode for $30 by adding the $10 RAM upgrade.

The downside is you don't get the extra bandwidth, disk space, or CPU priority that the 768 plan did.

Actually, the $10 RAM upgrade adds an extra 180 MB of RAM, resulting in only 692 MB total.

Oh, it looks like the pricing on the extras has not been updated since the last time RAM was upgraded in 2010. At that point, the Linode 360 became the Linode 512, so the $20 RAM upgrade should have been increased from 360MB to 512MB. It looks like that didn't happen.

Something for Caker to address, I think.

People actually use those extras? :P

For what it's worth, I strongly advocate against getting rid of these "oddball" plans. You're essentially removing flexibility where other competitors in this field are trying to add more. Having additional pricing points for 768 and 1538 are very attractive as it prevents me from telling clients that they'll have to double their monthly investment as their websites slowly grow.

Please consider keeping these plans around as future options (not just "grandfathering" existing ones) even if you don't want to advertise them.

> Having additional pricing points for 768 and 1538 are very attractive as it prevents me from telling clients that they'll have to double their monthly investment as their websites slowly grow.

I agree. The 768 has been a comfortable fit for some smaller clients who have a bit too much crap for the 512 but not enough to justify doubling expenses (at least, not yet). :)

You can resize to the "oddball" plans, I did yesterday. I don't know if this only applies to existing Linodes mind you.

I'd like to see them stick around too either that or lower prices on the even plans.

Me too. I had been considering the 768 plan to get a bump in storage and it would have also been a nice little bump all the way around from the 512 plan. But I'm not really inclined to pay $40 a month for what is basically my mail server. I know I can get the storage as an add-on, but the 768 seemed like it would have been a good value for me.

See Obs' post; it's apparently possible resize your existing Linode to a 768.

yeah the 768 is awesome and i've been looking at that for an eventual upgrade. It's also at a good price point. I wonder how long the resize capability is going to remain though..


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