Where is the bottleneck?

I have a bottleneck. Using debian linux with drupal site. Problem is with non cached administration pages of site. They take too long to load. I just tested the page and only to generate text/html file it takes 5.7 seconds and this is without other css/images that take another 3 seconds at least. So this is pretty slow and it is 23 kb html. I do see that my query takes a lot to process.

Query is Executed 175 queries in 103.69 ms. Queries exceeding 5 ms are highlighted. Page execution time was 5200.81 ms. Memory used at: develboot()=2.7 MB, develshutdown()=53.83 MB, PHP peak=54.5 MB.

So I am wondering where does this 5 seconds go to, who is to blame? Is it CPU and if so is there any way to make it faster other then to upgrade linode (I have 2GB linode)?

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With Drupal and other similar software it's a good idea to debug performance problems by disabling modules one by one until performance improves. It could be there's a serious cpu hog module in there, 5 seconds is a fairly long time though, are there any modules that are accessing external APIs? A slow network call could easily account for a 5s delay.

Is there some other way I could do this, to messure somehow?

This would be pretty slow way to determin the problem, disabling modules and also I can't disable most as I need them and also I do have other sites on server so the respons is also changing when there is more load. Advise me how to do some testing?

You could install xhprof on the webserver and hit that page with profiling turned on, then you could look at the call graph to see what functions are taking so long.

That said I would imagine its almost certainly DB related in some way or another.

There's actually a module for it. http://drupal.org/project/XHProf (I haven't used it so ymmv)


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