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One thing I think I would like to see might be something along the lines of grouping or something on the monitoring page where it lists the monitoring tests. Maybe something more like the main linodes page that shows all our nodes and their groups.

I've only added 8 so far but I could see the list becoming pretty long and maybe a little messy looking. :-)

Good stuff so far. I like the way you folks think!

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Just thought of one other thing while procrastinating adding more monitoring.

I thought it might be kind of cool if there were some way to mass create rules based on common service stacks & existing linodes.

Something like being able to add new monitor, LAMP stack, choose the host from an existing linode (like when creating a support ticket). Then go in and customize where needed.

So far I haven't been able to come up with any really important suggestions, but it's an ongoing process right? ;-)

Thank you for these suggestions - they have been noted!


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