Daily hour long CPU spike

Hey all (again)

So everyday for the last couple of weeks (at least), from 6 till 7am, I got a spike in my cpu that usually is around the 30% range. This lasts for what looks like exactly one hour every day. I got up early today to what HTOP to see what it could say but I'm still a newbie that I really wasn't able to sort out how to track down what was making the spike. I did see that my APF process was coming up with CPU spikes during that period and I never really saw that before.

I have longview setup but I don't see apf anywhere in the prcoess list. I don't have any cron tasks setup for that hour, let alone anything that would take a full hour to do. Nothing unsual appeared in my apache access or error logs.

I should also point out it makes my Disk IO spike as well but nothing huge. Also, no traffic spikes.

Anyone care to help point me in the right direction?

I'm running debian 6.

Many thanks!

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Odds are good it is daily system maintenance, carried out by everything in /etc/cron.daily/. If that's the case, you can edit /etc/crontab to move it to a different time, if 6am is disruptive.

yup. that's it. I didn't check the dailys and there is totally an apf entry in there now.

once again, thanks!!


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