Longview - error upon installing the client

I have a 2048 Linode and when I enter

curl -s https://lv.linode.com/**** | sudo bash

and type in my root password, I get the following error:

bash: line 1: html: No such file or directory
bash: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `<'
'ash: line 2: `<title>502 Bad Gateway</title>

Is it something related to my Linode or it is a hiccup on the Linode's side?

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I'm seeing the same thing, but perhaps it's something I've screwed up…

Hmm - I just retried a few times, and it worked. So I guess it's a linode issue. Strangely pasting the url in the browser on my desktop machine worked fine.

Sorry about that! This is a known issue that we're hoping to resolve permanently soon. However, we've made some changes and you should all be good to go for the time being.

Personally, I would be wary of running any downloaded script (especially as root!) without reviewing it first. At a minimum, it would be a good idea to check if the download succeeded first. The following one-liner should do that, but I haven't tested it…

TFILE=$(mktemp -t XXXXXXXXXX.sh) if curl -s https://lv.linode.com/**** > $TFILE; then sudo bash $TFILE; else echo "Download failed"; fi; rm -i $TFILE

I would suggest

curl -sfS https://lv.linode.com/**** | sudo bash

That will fail properly on a 50x error, won't pass html to the shell but will show an error message.

Ha, should have guessed curl had a built-in option to handle that case. That's a simpler and better solution.

We've corrected this issue and made the error message better for installing. Please let us know if you hit this again!

My problem was more that curl is not installed by default on Linode's most popular distro (Ubuntu).


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