Oracle virtualbox does not book downloaded Linode image


I've downloaded my primary Linode server via dd so I may perform some testing and experimentation (installing a multi site Drupal) offline.

1) I've downloaded the xvda volume in an image file (twice) and verified that it is intact. The file is intact and I can mount it under Linux. See below:

"ssl5@Sky / $ ls linodedownload

bin dev lib media proc sbin sys var

boot etc lib64 mnt root selinux tmp webmin-setup.out

data home lost+found opt run srv usr

ssl5@Sky / $

2) Converted the above img file into a vdi file so it can be mounted VBox.

3) Created a new VM and point it to the vdi file.

Unfortunately it refuses to boot with a no bootable medium found message.

What am I doing wrong here? Any ideas?


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Linode provides the kernel outside of your VM (unless you use pv-grub). The disk image you have downloaded does not contain a kernel.

Install grub and a kernel onto your Linode. Linode won't actually use these but you will. Then download the image and try booting it.

This means you will be running with a different kernel at home but it should not make too much difference as long as they are both fairly recent.

I've not actually tested this so maybe I missed something.


I have already downloaded my image (17GB which took me 8 hours) and have run into the same problem.

I have written the downloaded image to a vdi disk on a more recent Ubuntu version I have installed in VirtualBox and have it mounted.

Is there a way of placing the necessary files onto the mounted disk without 'installing' them? (Since this would attempt to install them onto the Ubuntu I'm using to prepare my linode image for standalone operation.)

(Another option I'm thinking of is setting up a VM with the same Ubuntu version I'm running on my Linode and then copying the files from my image over the top of the installed files while in rescue mode or from a live cd.)



Hi Team,

i did the same and facing same issue.
Error : fatal: no bootable medium found! system halted. virtualbox windows 7 Host OS. Please help me with how to resolve this issue.


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