Generating cool 3D math surface rotations with a Linode


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Animated GIF should die in a fire. But the animation is neat.

I'm sure the smouldering remains of Ontario would welcome you with open arms and a hearty "eh", but I'm not sure why you'd expect to find my comic books there :)

Canada and the US have agreements on the use of two-letter abbreviations for the names of provinces and states (this is why the US changed the state code of Nebraska from NB to NE so that New Brunswick could use NB, and it's why Nunavut and Terre-Neuve can't use NV and TN). QC indicates Quebec. While not it's own country, many people in Quebec would like it to be its own country. Thankfully, they have thus far failed, although they came within less than a percentage point of success in the last referendum on the subject.

Montreal, as the province/state code "QC" indicates, is in Quebec. It is the second largest city in Canada, the eighth largest city in North America, and the second largest French speaking city in the world after Paris.

Shotguns, and the cleaning thereof, are both legal and can be found in Montreal, as can trailer parks (in the surrounding region, anyhow). Tornadoes, however, are unheard of.

Damn… Ontario is in Cananda? I thought it was a city here in Southern CA. ;)

Well, it's both the most populous province in Canada with a population of 13.5 million people (nearly half the country, including the nation's capital) and an area of about 1.1 million square kilometers, and a city in California with a population of 164 thousand people and an area of about 129 square kilometers. So, one of those is higher profile than the other :P

Yeah, Ontario's fricking huge. Goes all the way from upstate New York to Minnesota and up to Hudson Bay. Guspaz in Montreal is pretty close to the Ontario/Quebec border. I've been to Thunder Bay (western shore of Lake Superior, north of MN) and Windsor (across from Detroit), two cities over 500 miles from each other and both more than 500 miles from Montreal.

and get that metric crap outta here, we're the US, we use the units that make no sense, damnit!


So, one of those is higher profile than the other :P

Oh I know. I was born in California, but I was aware of the Canadian Ontario before the California one. In fact, when I moved to southern CA, I wondered why the news would frequently be talking about things happening in Ontario, thinking they were referring to Canada.

I'm something like a 45 minute drive to the Ontario border? It's because of the shape of the province, it has like a foot that reaches almost to Montreal.

I live 34 miles north of the US border, but then, according to the CIA world factbook, 90% of Canada's population lives within a hundred miles of the US border. All our population is concentrated in the south because of how cold it gets up north.

Fun fact: Montreal is closer to Boston (250 miles) than Toronto (315 miles). And yet it's an 8-10 hour bus trip from Montreal to Providence…


All our population is concentrated in the south because of how cold it gets up north.
Clever excuse, but the CIA has known for some time that you are all grouping at the border ready to invade the US the moment we let our guard down.


They already have weapons of mass destruction.

I'd be more interested in their stockpiles of Cobalt-Thorium G, if I were you. After all, we must not have a Mine Shaft Gap!



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