Increasing bandwidth prices

I was wondering if linode was planing on changing the prices for additional ram and bandwidth. Its still set to the old prices.

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The prices on the website are up to date. The new RAM and bandwidth upgrades do come at an increased cost of 5 cents per month. Though, Linode typically doesn't charge for upgrades.

Was refering to the prices when you go to extras while loged into your linode

its 10 bucks for 100 gigs of bandwidth

Those too are up to date if you choose to pay for them.

20 bucks a month gets you 1 gig of ram 2000gb of band width. then to get 100 more gb its 10 bucks? I don't think they know about it. 40 bucks a month is 4000 gb bandwidth

They may not. This isn't an official channel or anything. However, I think with 2000GB bandwidth you probably don't need more. Additionally, it has always been advised to upgrade rather than buy extras. Extras are more expensive too as the host server only has so many resources. As the linodes grow larger, there are likely less available host resources.

If you want more bandwidth just buy another Linode. Bandwidth is pooled between all your machines so it's fine to buy an extra one and use that bandwidth elsewhere. Buying an extra linode, even if you don't want the machine and never power it up, is likely far cheaper than using the optional extras.

If you don't need a ton of extra bandwidth, then just let your account run over and pay the overages. I think Linode charges $0.10/GB for overages these days. … a-transfer">

You are correct, sir. Overages on transfer run $0.10 per 1 GB, same price as if you purchased additional transfer via the Extras tab.

Hypothetical scenario: Need 1TB extra bandwidth

Scenario 1: Buy 1TB of "extras", $100 cost

Scenario 2: Consume 1TB of overage, $100 cost

Scenario 3: Add extra linode to account (adds 2TB to pool), never bother booting it, $20 cost

It's a bit silly that the best way to get more bandwidth is to just order a bunch of extra linodes that you never use. Linode is making a profit either way, but they would make a great deal MORE profit if the overage/exttra price was closer to the cost of just buying another linode.


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