Anyone willing to help me with some "hands on" work?

Im quite new to working with unmanaged servers, infact I think I may have taken off more than I can handle.

I can get some basic things done but there are problems that come up, usually small ones that are easy to solve by with my inexperience is very difficult for me.

Im going to give it a few more days, I love linode but if things dont clear up Im probably going to be moving to a managed provider.

We might be able to trade work, im great with web automation and making web bots along with affiliate marketing.

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This is a really generic question. It depends on what you do with your Linode(s). If you're doing LEMP/LAMP stacks or perhaps gameservers/voice servers I can help you out probably. If you need specific varnish/Lightspeed kind of things I can't.

What're the things you need help with?

Linode Managed – You don't need to switch providers to have managed services.

However, if you want free help, you should probably post specific questions. We can probably help you troubleshoot via the forum.

Well, honestly, Linode Managed is incredibly expensive for small deployments and single developers. Consider that somewhere like WiredTree gives you 1.5 GB RAM, 100 GB disk and full management with cPanel for only $50/mo. Even though support isn't quite as FAST and they do use Virtuozzo instead of Xen, the price can be prohibitive for some if all you are running is a single 1 GB or 2 GB Linode.

Webmin is free. I don't know how it compares to cPanel, but it should be sufficient for most uses.

I'd personally be willing to provide management services for very cheap :wink: however forum support is free as I said.


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