Urgent problem for Chris!!!

I've a problem with new IP address which was purchased yesterday. The detail in ticket #3894 Please help me ASAP


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If Chris hasn't already replied:

Did you order this as an additional IP and then try to ifconfig it so that you can use it on your Linode? If so, you need to do the following instead:

Log into the Control panel and go into the Configurations menu. Bring up the configuration you're currently using by clicking it's name. You don't need to make any changes here - but you MUST click Save Configuration at the bottom of the page. Then, reboot your Linode with that configuration and you'll be able to make use of the IP(s) that you ordered.

Hope that helps :)

The new IP is the other IP block. I already have 2 IPs and it's in the same block and The new one is and I can't even able to reach (as mention in the website as new gateway) I try a couple reboot and the result remains same.

Linode Staff


He had to click Save on his config and reboot.




He had to click Save on his config and reboot.


I knew it :D


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