Local Government Hosting Contract

Good Morning,

I am the Development Administrator for a local county government that is looking for a new web host after a terrible experiance with another host's technical support. Here are a few questions to start with;

1. Is Linode currently on contract with any federal, state, county, city, or village government agencies? If so, it would make purchasing service from Linode MUCH easier for us.

2. Do you offer government/non-profit service discounts?

3. Is your support 24/7 365, and where is support located, in the US or off-shore?

4. Is there a sales rep. that I could call me or that I could call to discuss some other questions that I have?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer some of these questions.


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Linode might be providing services for other government entities, but I am not sure they would enter into any special contracts.

As far as I know, Linode does not offer any discounts of any type beyond the standard pre-pay option.

Support is US-based, 24/7 365

Phone number on this page might work for you: https://www.linode.com/about/

Thank you very much for your reply.

"Contract" is just a term that we use in government. It doesn't mean that there is any special "contract." It just means that we agreed to pay for a service and it has to be listed as a "contract" for purchasing acountability reasons, that all.

I'm glad that the support is US based, we had such a terrible experiance this last week with over seas support. Do you know how willing Linode is to escillate an issue to upper tier support and will top level support get on the phone and work with you? That was another of our issues with our current host, it was nearly impossible to escilate the case and top level support would not speak directly with the customer.



It might be best to call Linode themselves and ask directly. They have a toll-free number listed on the page that Ghan linked to.

Keeping in mind that I'm not a Linode employee (these are community support forums), nor do I live in the US, but to independently answer your questions:

1. It's possible that Linode does, but even if they are, they may not be willing or able to tell you; Linode has never, to my knowledge, released this information (about who their customers are). Most groups that we know that use Linode (such as The Onion or Mibbit) we've figured out for ourselves or the customer has said so.

2. Linode does not offer discounts like that, but they do offer term discounts. 10% for a 12-month payment, 15% for a 24-month payment.

3. Support is 24/7, located in New Jersey. The normal support contact method, however, is trouble tickets; the telephone contact is more for sales than support, I believe. Response time to tickets is normally just a few minutes. I don't believe I've ever called Linode myself, having always used tickets. You can ask them if they do support by phone, though.

4. Their contact number within the US and Canada is 855-4-LINODE (855-454-6633). I know that in Canada we have to put a 1 before toll-free numbers (we would dial 1-800-555-1234, not 800-555-1234), but I don't know if you do in the US. You can call them there and should be able to get any questions you have answered.

Thanks, that's all very helpful information. I'll give Linode a call.

Thanks again!

Let us know what the answers to your questions are, if you can :)


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