Using extra storage

Simple question I would guess…

Got a bump from Linode on disk space.

I assume, that I can create a filesystem using that extra space and mount it on my Debian 6 system.

I created a FS called storage 56gb using ext3.

Question, what device would this be allocated to so that I can mount it?

I see on the current system that

root is /dev/xvda and

swap is /dev/xvdb

but I don't see a similar dev for the new space.

Do I need to do something on the Debian system to create the device to link to it?

What do I need to be able to mount the new space.

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The first link explains how to create a disk and add it to a configuration profile and the second explains how to resize a disk image: … disk-image">

I chose to do the first. I created the filesystem as storage and then edited the configuration to add that disk and rebooted. When it rebooted, the necessary dev was then available to allow being added to /etc/fstab


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