Is there a way to allow people to set up and use

I'm wondering if there's a way that I can allow people to create their own domain and manage it, as a way of making a free domain for Warhammer 40,000 websites. There would probably need to be some sort of approval process before people could create domains, just to prevent it from turning into a spam service. I'm thinking requiring people to say what they would use the website for. I just tested NameCheap and they have a DNS manager that will work with domains, but I'd have to set up a domain to their nameservers in the Linode DNS manager, and that's not going to be workable.

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Assuming is your domain, see the domain.resource.* commands at Just add a frontend in the language of your choice.

Thanks for showing me that. Do you know how I would use that for people to create and control their own domain names? I could possibly make a simple PHP and MySQL web application for keeping track of user accounts that would have some sort of interface with the API for managing domains.

Several months ago I was looking into doing a dynamic DNS-type service using the Linode API, and could not find any existing suitable web front end. I concluded I would have to write my own. I never got around to doing it, so unfortunately I don't have anything to share with you.

You could perhaps do it within MediaWiki by writing an extension to manage it; at a minimum I think you would need to create a new database table to store the information. You could use the (unofficial) PHP bindings for the Linode API to add/remove/change subdomains.

Some sort of management interface is going to be important. You'd also need to have the domain names divided up to the owners of them and provide a way to manage A, CNAME, MX, and TXT. It might be easier on my end just to write a new application, because I've had stupid problems trying to figure out how to add content to special pages in MediaWiki.

I've made a domain look up for it, which could be connected to by such a web application for users to add contact information for their domains. I've heard something about making your own whois server the way you can make a nameserver, which might be preferable to just a web database. I can also hide various fields for the contact information; I might leave out the entire billing section since it's not needed for a free domain name.

One thing that I might add to the application would be a way to approve accounts before they can register domains after they give a reason so that I can prevent spam on a free service and keep it to domains for Warhammer 40,000 websites.

I just made a project on GitHub for anyone who has any interest in working on it.

Cool. If I pick up my project again I'll definitely look at your code and see if I can contribute.


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