Initial Sendmail configuration

Hello. I'm new to Linode and I'm trying to set up a mail server using Sendmail.

All I need this to do is accept messages to all addresses, and let me access that mailbox through POP3.

All I've done so far is to comment out this line in the file:

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl

I ran make -C /etc/mail and restarted Sendmail but my POP3 client still can't connect to the server.

What else do I need to do?

By the way, I've just tried installing courier and postfix and I can't get either of them to compile, which is why I'm hoping I can get Sendmail to work.



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Sendmail isn't a POP3 server, its an MTA, so you wont be able to connect to your machine unlerss you install a POP3 server.

Thanks. I now have Qpopper running.


Did you get the sendmail config working? It's pretty easy to get all mail dumping into one account. If you nedd help, drop me a line and I'll send the details. I have been using this config for a while now.



It took me awhile to find a decent tutorial. But here is one, and it made it much clearer what was needed to set up mail service.

I'm trying to use install Sendmail (which is active and running) but port 25 is blocked as seen with nmap.

Linode support says they lifted all blocking of my account.
I'm not using any firewall (I think).

Still I use nmap and don't see port 25 open…

What can I do to solve this?
Many thanks


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