Why is my clock is running slow on my OpenBSD Linode?

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I run OpenBSD on this machine. The clock on this machine starts drifting within 24 hours and a little later (hours) clock stops and doesn't change anymore. How can I fix this?

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After applying the patches for the Meltdown maintenance we found that some of our OpenBSD users have experienced similar issues to what you are describing here. In many cases, a reboot seems to have resolved the issue.

That being said, since the Meltdown patch was applied, we have been working on updating the software stacks for the host machines that our Linodes are running on. During this process, we have found that one of our latest stacks tends to resolve many of the lingering issues from the Meltdown patch.

If you continue to encounter this problem, please feel free to open a ticket with our Support team requesting a migration to a host with our updated version of KVM to resolve this problem. The migrations within the same datacenter typically take about 1 minute for every 3-5GB of disk space on the Linode. The migration will also not change your Linode's IP address.

I hope this helps!


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