FQDN loading wrong site in browser, nginx

I have several sites serving up fine on nginx linode. One is a default site that loads up when browsing to the IP. I wanted this default site to also load when putting the fqdn in browser. In this nginx config, I have the ip and fqdn, server_name linode124443.mydomain.com;

When browsing to the ip, it works fine, when browsing to the FQDN it loads one of the other sites on the linode. The servername in the domain its loading is like this: servername www.otherdomain.com otherdomain.com; so I'm not sure whay this other site is showing when browsing to the linode fqdn…

I've made sure the file in sites-enabled is right too. I've done this same thing on a different linode and it works fine.

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It was varnish, cached…working now.


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