mod_rpaf getting REMOTE_ADDR with load balancing

Hey guys,

I just hooked up a NodeBalancer and installed mod_rpaf to make sure that I can use the real IP address in my apps behind it. But I've got a few things I can't find the answer to:

1) How do I enter the whole NodeBalancer range in the configuration? does not seem to work in rpaf.conf, whilst lone IP addresses do.

2) What will happen if I start running SSL connections over the NodeBalancer - will I still get the correct IP address?

3) Whilst the IP shows correctly in my logs now, it doesn't seem to work with .htaccess deny/allow. I'm using the SetEnv hack with X-FORWARDED-FOR to deal with this, but is this the only way?

Many thanks guys

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1) Are you using this for RPAFProxyIPs? CIDR support was added ages ago. What modrpaf version are you using: … 731b3d3fc0"> .

2) No, unless you terminate SSL on the NodeBalancer.

3) Its a logical way to do this


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