Integrate postfixadmin with postfix


I followed Linode tutorial at ~~[" target="_blank">]( … 0.19-mysql">]( and successfully configured a working mail server.

However, the mysql administration is too boring sometimes and I'd like to use a GUI interface. Well, I picked up postfixadmin.

I configured it and gave it permissions on the same postfix database created during tutorial.

However when I log in postfixadmin I don't see the e-mail addresses I created in the postfix database. It seems like "they're not synced" with mail, aliases, etc.

Now, I'm new to this kind of configurations (mail servers) and I don't exactly know how to do to "sync" them. Also if I create a mail address from postfixadmin and try to send mails to it the server says the user is not found (like if address isn't created while it is). Please give me a solution, I'm becoming mad :cry:

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IIRC, there are some slight differences in table or field names used in the tutorial database compared to what postfixadmin expects. You'll need to make some adjustments.

I followed this guide at this link.

You maybe able skip some steps as you did them already in the linode guide.
I got it working. Note, I had already got apache setup for use with nextcloud. You will have to setup a php capable web server if you don't have one setup already. Basically, the database tables are different and it maybe easier to just create a new database that postfixadmin can work with with less config changes. Pretty much what I did, final product worked ok.

Afterwards, you can remove/delete the database you created for postfix and just use database postfixadmin uses. Your dovecot DB won't be effected and can be used as is. Note you will have to modify dovecot's configs too along with postfix configs.

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