Multiple Linodes - Linode DNS

I just added a second Linode.

I would like the Linode DNS to handle both Linodes.

Can someone point me to a tutorial and suggest how I set up the domain names.

Thank you, Jeff

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If you mean that traffic should go to both, doing in that in the DNS Manager would be done via round-robin: just add DNS records pointing the desired hostname to both Linodes' IP addresses.

  • Les

No, I would like them to behave as separate, individual servers.

Thanks, Jeff

PS. I have always had just one linode.

I see the drop down with the different IP addresses.

I should be able to take care of the issue. Naturally, I didn't see the drop down IP selection until I added the Linode.

Thank you.


PS. Linode is the best provider and you keep getting better!


4 years later and I'm wondering if you solved it.

I'm facing the same issue, Googled around and was brought here.

Can someone point me to a tutorial or article I can refer to?



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