Sorry to ask this, but lish help?

How do I exit this mode in lish?

~~![](<URL url=)" />

Any key entered changes it to – INSERT --

Closing it and relaunching goes to the same point. This seems to list everything we have.

Sorry. We're trying to figure out how to change our default ftp login for some reasons and we're not experienced in ssh very well.

Also anyone know how to change CENTOS/litespeed ftp password our old admin left us and it's all under our name and we're very clueless ><~~

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You're in vi. Try hitting Escape, then typing :q! and hitting Enter. (This assumes you don't want to save any changes you made to your passwd file).

To add to Alucard's response, try LISH via SSH if his instructions do not work. Some browsers are derpy with meta keys and the javascript console.


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