"Upgrade" from 8vCPUs to 2?

I have this weird pending upgrade:

~~![](<URL url=)http://i.imgur.com/2uA3Kec.png" />

I don't know if it's right but it's trying to "trade" more ram, bandwith and storage for -6 vCPUs?~~

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This is correct. It's the new lineup for Linodes, which scales vCPUs up as you go through the plans.



You do get fewer CPUs, but because of the speed of the SSDs and the faster servers your processes execute and complete faster (so having fewer CPUs isn't a problem for most users). If you were comfortably using a 1GB server without performance issues then you probably weren't utilizing many of the available CPUs.

I don't have any problems with the lower CPU count. If you are maxing out 4 or even 2 cores on the new boxes (Xeon E5 v2 chips) for any extended length of time, then you likely are either misconfiguring something or you have a project that isn't really right for the Linode platform anyway. Also, compared to the old boxes, thread for thread the new E5 chips score over 3x as well as the old E5520s (and those were the L versions - lower power) on Passmark: http://cpubenchmark.net/highendcpus.html

That said, Linode doesn't (seem to) really care if you max out your CPUs, so if you are CPU-intensive in what you are doing, it shouldn't be a problem.

And if you need the 8 vCPUs, just don't upgrade.

Thanks, I don't use the 8vCPUs at all, not even the Linode server at 1% its max capacity, but I though it was a bug that it was "upgrading" to fewer vCPUs

It would be nice to have a notice along the update with something like "new SSD and CPUs infrastructure, more information here".

Okay, "new SSD and CPUs infrastructure, more information here: https://blog.linode.com/2014/04/17/lino … much-more/">https://blog.linode.com/2014/04/17/linode-cloud-ssds-double-ram-much-more/"



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