What do you label your Linodes and Configuration Profiles?

By default my Linodes were created with something like My Centos 6.2 Profile… well, we're on 6.5 now, so this kind of becomes meaningless if we don't updated it. Got me thinking how everyone else labels them.

So just curious how everyone else labels their Linodes, Configuration Profiles and Disk Images.

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1337 Server of Aw3s0me3ess (Latest 64 bit (3.15.3-x86_64-linode44))

Disk Images

WHERE R MY NERD GLASSES?! (48896 MB, ext3) Edit | Remove

SWAP of LAG DOOM (256 MB, swap) Edit | Remove

My configuration label is named Debian 7.5

I have four disk images labelled os, swap, mysql and home.

The actual label and hostname for my server is the first part of the default rDNS hostname, li98-132 for example.


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