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1)What is the difference of Concurrency between NodeBalancers and non-NodeBalancers? I heard that with NodeBalancers, it can support up to 10,000 concurrent connections. What if I want to subscribe Linode 1024 plan (without NodeBalancers), how many concurrent connection does this plan support? Can it reach up to 1000 concurrent connections because I want to use Linode as a server hosting for my Multiplayer FPS Game.

2)Does NodeBalancers apply to all of the Linode servers (Dallas, Fremont, Atlanta, Newark, London, Tokyo). I mean, if I pay +20$ per month is that apply for all of these servers?

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There's really no definitive concurrent connection limit on Linodes themselves. Technically, as long as you're not going over your transfer pool amount, you could have as many concurrent connections as your system could handle. However, it would likely be less than the NodeBalancer. The idea of the NodeBalancer isn't to add concurrent connections, though. It's to support load balancing over two or more systems. There's no point in having a NodeBalancer if you are just going to run one Linode.

NodeBalancers are only compatible with servers in the same data center. If you purchase two Dallas Linodes, you could have a Dallas NodeBalancer. If you purchase Linodes outside of Dallas, you'll need a NodeBalancer in the other data center as well.

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Dave Russell Jr.


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