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Docker Security Essentials Video Series

HackerSploit Docker Security Webinar Series

Docker is an incredibly popular platform to quickly create, deploy and host web applications, databases and other business critical solutions. Adoption of Docker continues to grow by companies and organizations, and raises an important question, how should users better secure their Docker containers?

The process of securing Docker is multi-faceted and requires a procedural approach given the various elements involved, from the Docker daemon to the containers themselves. The ability to audit, secure and manage Docker is highly desired, and often required, for Developers and DevOps engineers. But the evolution of containerization and impact on security teams has also led to an entirely new job role coined DevSecOps.

This series aims to provide developers, system administrators and DevOps engineers the necessary skills to be able to audit, secure and manage Docker in the context of an organization or in their own personal projects.

Join HackerSploit as he takes you through this two part series. The course is accompanied by an eBook and live lab exercises. Sign up today!

Part 1:
The primary objective of this set of videos is to provide a smooth introduction to the process of securing Docker. Viewers will be introduced to the first steps taken in securing Docker as a platform.

Chapter 1: Auditing Docker Security
Chapter 2: Securing the Docker Host
Chapter 3: Securing the Docker Daemon
Chapter 4: Securing & Hardening Docker Containers

Part 2:
The primary objective of this set of videos is to build upon the first set of videos in the series. This part will dive deep into securing the Docker daemon, using Jails and implementing access control.

Chapter 1: Controlling Container Resource Consumption With Control Groups
Chapter 2: Implementing Access Control For Containers With App Armor
Chapter 3: Limiting Container System Calls With Seccomp
Chapter 4: Vulnerability Scanning For Docker Containers
Chapter 5: Building Secure Docker Images

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