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Dockerfile-less Deployment to Kubernetes with Pack

KubeCon NA LinkedIn Live Sessions with Justin Mitchel and Talia Nassi

Come learn how to deploy a container to Kubernetes without writing a single Dockerfile. First popularized by Heroku, Pack is an effective way to leverage buildpacks to bundle your application into a Docker image. Pack is a dream for users and teams who want to leverage Kubernetes without the overhead of learning all the nuances of building containers.

This live event is hosted by Justin Mitchel and Talia Nassi and features a Q&A session afterwards.

About the hosts: 

Justin Mitchel is a 3x dad, coder, teacher, YouTuber, best-selling Udemy instructor, and the founder of Coding for Entrepreneurs. Connect with Justin on Twitter @justinmitchel.

Talia Nassi is a Lead Developer Advocate at Akamai Technologies and an international keynote speaker, focusing on delivering insightful content about cloud development, testing, and Akamai, while also aiding developers in creating efficient and scalable applications in the cloud.

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