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Linode LIVE! Python Database Project


Tech with Tim’s popular YouTube channel has been a great partner and resource for the developer community. This month, Tech with Tim is partnering with Linode on a Python Database Project video, available on September 22nd, via Tim’s YouTube channel. Make sure you catch both installments! Project #2 will be a live virtual lab on September 29th from 11AM ET – 12PM ET.  

Demo Video:  Python Database Project #1 – MongoDB Integration –  Released Sept 22 at 11AM ET.  Learn how to integrate a simple database into a python app using mongoDB.  Viewers will walk through a real example of a database integration using MongoDB. They will learn how to set up a database in the cloud, connect to it with python code, store and update information, query, and delete entries.

Live Lab:  Python Database Project #2 – Advanced Queries and Operations:  On Demand.  Attendees will learn how to perform advanced operations on a MongoDB database. Specifically, how to query and filter data.  Tune in to work alongside Tim and submit your questions in our live Q+A. 

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