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Powerful anti-spam and email security solution for popular control panels, including cPanel and Plesk.

Stop inbound spam from entering your server right at the SMTP layer to lower bandwidth and overhead, as well as secure mailboxes on your server from being compromised and used to send outbound spam.

Based on the same security technologies used by ISP’s and Telco’s, MagicSpam is more than just an anti-spam solution and also an email security solution which allows email administrators to configure rule-based and reputation-based policies, blacklists and whitelists, rate limiters, and authentication restrictions.

MagicSpam installs directly onto the email server without any need to change A/MX records to protect unlimited users and domains. MagicSpam also integrates natively into the control panel interface and comes equipped with log and statistic modules to help with the management of an email server. MagicSpam is deployed in over 83 countries worldwide and protects millions of mailboxes everyday.

Get started with MagicSpam on Linode with the MagicSpam One-Click App.

Note: MagicSpam , cPanel , and Plesk all require a valid license. You can view and purchase licenses individually from each of their respective stores. Licenses are not available directly through Linode.

Deploying the MagicSpam Marketplace App

As MagicSpam is designed to integrate and run alongside with Control Panels, the MagicSpam App also deploys the selected control panel (cPanel or Plesk). Both of these control panels may require purchasing a license. Additionally, a MagicSpam license key is required to deploy MagicSpam on Linode, which you can purchase through the MagicSpam Store.

If you want to deploy MagicSpam onto an existing Linode Compute Instance, do not follow this guide. Instead, install MagicSpam by following one of the below guides:

MagicSpam Configuration Options

You can configure your MagicSpam App by providing values for the following fields:

Control PanelThe Control Panel to deploy alongside MagicSpam. Required.
MagicSpam License KeyYour MagicSpam license key to for the selected Control Panel. Required.
HostnameYour Linode’s hostname. Required.

Linode Configuration Options

After providing the App-specific options, provide configurations for your Linode server:

Select an ImageCentOS 7 is currently the only image supported by the MagicSpam Marketplace App, and it is pre-selected on the Linode creation page. Required.
RegionThe region where you would like your Linode to reside. In general, it’s best to choose a location that’s closest to you. For more information on choosing a DC, review the How to Choose a Data Center guide. You can also generate MTR reports for a deeper look at the network routes between you and each of our data centers. Required.
Linode PlanYour Linode’s hardware resources. aaPanel can be supported on any size Linode, but we suggest you deploy your aaPanel App on a Linode plan that reflects how you plan on using it. If you decide that you need more or fewer hardware resources after you deploy your app, you can always resize your Linode to a different plan. Required.
Linode LabelThe name for your Linode, which must be unique between all of the Linodes on your account. This name is how you identify your server in the Cloud Manager Dashboard. Required.
Root PasswordThe primary administrative password for your Linode instance. This password must be provided when you log in to your Linode via SSH. The password must meet the complexity strength validation requirements for a strong password. Your root password can be used to perform any action on your server, so make it long, complex, and unique. Required.

After providing all required Linode Options, click on the Create button. Your MagicSpam App will complete installation anywhere between 10-15 minutes after your Linode has finished provisioning.

Getting Started After Deployment

After both the Control Panel and MagicSpam has finished installing, you will be able to access MagicSpam through the control panel interface.


  1. Log into the WHM interface according to the cPanel Guide.
  2. Navigate to the MagicSpam Interface.WHM Interface >> Plugins >> MagicSpam
  3. Register your MagicSpam license key.
  4. Set the administrator email address.


  1. Log into the Plesk interface according to the Plesk Guide.
  2. Navigate to the MagicSpam Interface.Plesk Interface >> Tools & Settings >> Additional Services >> MagicSpam
  3. Register your MagicSpam license key.
  4. Set the administrator email address.

For more on MagicSpam, check out the following resources:

The MagicSpam Marketplace App was built by MagicSpam for Linode. For support regarding app deployment, contact Linode Support. For support regarding the tool or software itself, contact MagicSpam Support.