Facilities Speedtest

Determine the best location for your Linode. It's best to choose the facility that is closest to you and your clients. A closer facility will generally provide less latency and faster throughput. For tips on how to use this tool, check out this helpful post on our Community Site.

Facility Hostname Test Download
US East speedtest.newark.linode.com 100MB-newark.bin
US Southeast speedtest.atlanta.linode.com 100MB-atlanta.bin
US Central speedtest.dallas.linode.com 100MB-dallas.bin
US West speedtest.fremont.linode.com 100MB-fremont.bin
CA Central speedtest.toronto1.linode.com 100MB-toronto.bin
EU Central speedtest.frankfurt.linode.com 100MB-frankfurt.bin
EU West speedtest.london.linode.com 100MB-london.bin
AP South speedtest.singapore.linode.com 100MB-singapore.bin
AP Northeast speedtest.tokyo2.linode.com 100MB-tokyo2.bin
AP West speedtest.mumbai1.linode.com 100MB-mumbai.bin