how long could the refund process be done?

i just purchased a linode vps @ 2015/03/06 (GMT+8)

but i found i can't remote access with it form china,

it seems the GFW block the ip address of the server.

and i create a support ticket ask for ip change , however it doesn't work.

and i don't wanna change to other datacenter .

so i ask for a full refund @ 2015/03/07 (GMT+8)

and your staff told me to cancel my account and mention the refund, i do as u told.
> Support Ticket 4347324 regarding Linode 'axblog (linode897845)' has been updated by 'fhong'



No problem. You can cancel the account by :

1) Log into the Linode Manager -

2) Select the Account section

3) At the bottom of the page, there's a Cancel the Account link

4) On the cancellation note, you can mention about your refund

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


Feng H.

Linode Support

Time again already for the past a days.

i havn't got any refund notice from bank or form your

so how long could i get my refund or where could i got following contact?
since i cancelled my account i couldn't login and reply the support ticket,i reply the email but none responses.

what i'm suppose to do?

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You should create a new e-mail to support [at] linode [dot] com. This will create a new ticket. All ticket responses to the cancelled account won't be received.

  • Dave.


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