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Hi All,

I guess this question has been asked for many times but I did not find an answer.

I need my Linux hosts to have SSH keys ready (so i can deploy chef)

How can i define the authorized keys to the machine will be installed with them?

Thanks :)

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You can read about setting up SSH authentication here: … n-with-ssh">

adir is probably referring to other cloud providers that allow you to seed a standard image with a known SSH key so that installs (via chef for example) can be automated. Linode doesn't have that functionality specifically but you can easily craft something up yourself using Linode There are a bunch of community stack scripts available and I'm sure some of them already do what you are looking for but I didn't look carefully.

This script might be a good place to start:

in addition to setting up custom StackScripts to deploy Linodes with keys in place, you could also use the Linode Vagrant provider plugin. … vironments">

No need to mess with StackScripts or Vagrant prioviders. You can do this via the Linode API: … stribution">

Specifically, the 'rootSSHKey' optional parameter.



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