Error establishing a database connection


Im having a problem with our site crashing all the time. Ive recivied the following answer from the support

"Your Linode is OOMing, meaning something inside your node is consuming all of the available virtual memory."

Im a real rookie when it comes to programing / linux etc. and dont know how to fix this. :(

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You may want to take a look at our guide on troubleshooting memory and network issues. It doesn't have all the answers, since they'll vary from case to case, but it does provide some good starting points for diagnosing issues like this. … ing-issues">

Since support noted that your Linode is OOMing, I'd focus on processes that might be consuming a great deal of RAM. If something looks like it's hogging all the resources, that's the first thing to add to your troubleshooting checklist. Certain software defaults to rather obnoxious settings that can cause excess resource consumption, but the configuration can usually be tuned to be less resource intensive.

I'd also recommend checking the available space in your Linode's disk image. MySQL will fail if it doesn't have enough disk space to maintain itself, which can cause the error that you're seeing. You can check your available space with the "df -h" command.


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