Need Dedicated IP Address to Run HTTPS?

I'm researching what it will take to operate my three server (web, file, and database server) Django/Gunicorn/Nginx website over HTTPS. One article said that if you're using a web hosting company, they'll usually require you to purchase a dedicated IP address to do this. Is this necessary with Linode? I just read two linode guides "Install Let’s Encrypt to Create SSL Certificates" and "Provide Encrypted Resource Access Using SSL Certificates on Nginx" and neither mentioned this as a requirement.


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Your Linode comes with a dedicated IP.

Just for some extra potential emphasis, the need of every website to have it's own individual IP for https:// has not been a thing in a long long time.

Unless you're attempting to support archaic software (like IE6 on XP, and that general era of things), which you really shouldn't since most of those things are cryptographically questionable as far as modern TLS goes, then you can otherwise roll multiple sites on the same IP. Just consult your particular httpd's documentation to if there is anything special you need to do to utilize SNI (the TLS feature that makes it possible to do multiple https:// websites on one IP).

Thanks folks! I appreciate your answers.


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