Ever felt a 'Thank You' just wasn't enough?

Well, this is one of those times… But I still wanted to try and publically express just how grateful I am for everything the managers and employees of Linode have done to help me the last 13 months. And if you don't already know, I think the Linode community should know just WHO it is working behind the scenes, WHAT they believe in and what they're truly MADE of.

Back about 18 months ago while working as the Creative Director for a prominent ad agency, I was diagnosed with stage 2 Cancer. After the local diagnosis and a lot of research from my family, I dropped everything and headed to Boston. If you don't know, the Boston area probably ranks as the medical and Cancer capital of the world. Needless to say my life changed when I started chemotherapy and many, many personal items needed to be put into place for the coming months of treatment.

The next year of my life ranged from horrible (weighing 85 lbs, and needing to be carried everywhere) to the manageable, where I was able to sit up and for several hours at a time was able to do something, anything, to keep myself focused and on healing. I had always dreamed of working in the game industry and spent a large part of last year learned everything I could about the different game engines, level & character design, game play, and much more.

And then there was the financial aspect: the treatment at Dana Farber alone was over $2 million dollars and my parents, who in their 80's, were ready to sign over everything they had worked their entire life for. Finally I was approved for assistance and the balance as covered by insurance but life irreversibly changed as I knew it. When getting ready for treatment I systematically went down the list and contacted a long list of vendors to either cancel services, or have them put on hold and in many cases beg for an extension of payment.

While I don't think the exact terms matter as much as the impact or effect, when it came to Linode, they, without a second of hesitation offered to help me keep my box… which had not only my personal web-site, but also several front and back end development projects I was working on at the time. Being diagnosed with Cancer obviously changed my life, but unexpectedly I also lost my identity. I had to give up everything material… shut down bank accounts, credit cards, give back my car, foreclose on a house… even losing all of my hair and dropping so much weight all contributed to periods of sadness and yes, even depression. But because of the kindness given by (at the time) complete strangers, I was able to hold onto the very last thread of my identity and the result of a career I had worked towards most of my life. Those strangers, the guys and girls at Linode… the owners, the managers, and every employee today who keep alive a rare and beautiful company culture based on absolute customer care, are some of the people I keep dearest to my heart.

Just a hosting company? NO WAY… If and when you choose Linode for any of their services, you will have an incredibly dedicated and talented group of people standing behind you, ready to help in even the most surprising ways. At the end of last year, my Christmas present was to learn that treatment was successful and my Cancer is fully in remission. I started 2017 with a lot of excitement and ambition to get back on my feet, and once again Linode has done everything in their power to help me reach that goal. I am slowly starting to pick up freelance work and will never forget the generosity and kindness that was shown to me. Finally, I am keeping my eyes open for ANY opportunity I can find to help someone else in need, as a way to completely say Thank You to Linode and their spirit, in the loudest and most appropriate way possible.

Thank You Linode, from the deepest place in my heart.


A proud Linode Customer since September 27, 2014

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Billie, I can't imagine the trials you had to go through to be where you stand. Cancer is terrifying and it stops people and their productivity in their tracks, but we can see that you kept going anyways. We're proud to have worked with you through all of this and it's and honor to have you here with us still. Thank you for sharing all of this and we're incredibly happy to hear the light you shine on this world has only grown brighter.

That is a really nice gesture and well written appreciation.


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