Thank You Linode Support

Yesterday Linode support automatically opened a support ticket and emailed me because they detected an issue affecting the physical hardware my Linode resides on. About 5 minutes later I got an updated email that they resolved the issue and thanked me for my patience and understanding.

First, I am so impressed with Linode's level of transparency and communication. Most companies would just leave you in the dark and never mention that your sites went down because of an issue on their side.

Second, a 5 minute turnaround time to resolve a hardware issue? Outstanding! I've waited days with other hosts to have something simple resolved.

Every year I happily renew my Linode account because of amazing service like this.

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We try quite hard to keep things as transparent as we can, so we're really happy this worked out well for you! I'll let everyone else in the office know, I'm sure this'll bring some smiles out.

We're really glad to have you with us :)

My face while reading this:

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