Partitioning a Linode to experiment on a bit?

I have a linode 2GB account and partitioned 10GB for hosting websites. So far I've been able to host my friends flat site just fine, but I'm very new to back end stuff in general. I want to do a little more tinkering with stuff like databases so I can become more experienced with this type of stuff. Would it be a bad idea to partition another disk with a fresh install of ubuntu to just mess around with, so in case I mess up I can just delete the disk without messing up the install that I'm hosting the site on. Are there any security concerns I should know before doing this?

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That should be fine, but remember to remove the correct disk rather than the one you're using for your main system. Also, remember, you can only run one operating system at one time, so you can't be booted on multiple images at once. If you want to keep your main site running while you experiment, create a 1GB linode to experiment with.


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