Can't get reverse DNS to match on deploying a second website.

I'm hosting a second website on my linode. I've uploaded all the files, I've created a second virtualhost file for it, I've added the linode nameservers to my domain name website, but I can't perform a reverse DNS successfully.

IT says I need to type in the Qualified Domain name which is listed as the hostname.websiteurl Does that mean the server's host name in place of www? because I've tried that and it doesn't work. On my other website, which is working sucessfuly, under "target" it just has the url of the domain name itself. I've tried that and it doesn't work either. What's weird is when I type in the domain name it doesn't even have the godaddy splash screen. It just says "cannot connect to server" or defaults to a Verizon search depending on what browser I'm using.

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you can only put one domain in reverse DNS. if you already have your first domain as the reverse DNS, you can't add the second one.

Also do note that unless you're doing something very exotic, reverse DNS is completely unnecessary for web hosting.


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