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No, seriously. You guys have a lot to look forward to. Xen >> UML.

That is all.

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I'd definately have to say that I'm pretty impressed by what I've seen so far with this beta. The host is holding up amazing well for these past 24 hours considering there's no io_tokens system in place and the host has been under constant hammering of Gentoo updates.

You can't believe how glad I was to see this forum pop up.

I decided to switch to a xen host (Unixshell) away from Linode and they can't admin their way out of a paper bag.

Caker please let me in the beta test!!!

Join the IRC channel, and I'll give you the details…

Again, the public beta will be most likely be announced next week.


Was on the IRC channel but it was in the midst of the massive TP outage… so it wasn't the best timing to ask caker about this upcoming Xen trial.

So I'm just popping in to put my foot in the door. :P

I agree with Chang. Have been trying out Xen at Unixshell for the last month or so as a live backup server for my Linode (smart move it seems these days). The performance has been as amazing as the number of outages and network problems. They're running on dual Opteron systems though, so I guess part of the speed increase comes from the processor (and maybe the RAID setup, whatdoIknow).

I really look forward to a mature and Linode-supported Xen hosting, although I'm not likely to join another Xen beta program right now. Hope all you guys test this really good now so that it is rock solid by the summer… :-)

BAH, i missed the Xen test?

cant wait for public test

I am a Xenode beta tester, and I am quite impressed thus far. I wonder how it will affect Linode's price structure and offerings.

IM seriously droolling over how quick things are running on xen as apposed to uml.. i cant wait for it to be rolled out fully, cause i tell u what, ill be migrating over:D



I'm also a "Xenode" tester.

All seems to be going well and fast, except that I can't load kernel modules as opposed to whan Xen is supposed to support.

But, it's great.

How do I get in on this?

I went to irc & said I was interested but I've heard nothing.


All seems to be going well and fast, except that I can't load kernel modules as opposed to whan Xen is supposed to support.

Actually, while I've seen a bit of talk about being able to install guest kernel modules, but I haven't seen anything official as to being able to do so. If you are supposed to be able to with Xen, what's holding you back? I'm sure if there's a way to do it without needing special priviledges, Chris would be more than happy to get it setup. Besides, you can't do so with UML anyway, so it's not a downgrade from your UML node. Chris has also been really good about making sure almost everything is built into the guest kernels anyway.

the main issue we seem to be getting is that things are compiled in different versions

liike the kernel has been compiled (these details aare made up cause i cant remember the exact ones) with gcc 3.4 and the modules we are compiling, even tho wee are specifiyin 3.4 keep saying they are from 3.3 and therefor wont load due to different structures and a few other things

when we work out the problem with this, module loading should be fine.. thats the only thing so far that ive had problems with on xen.. other then that its friggen fantastic! the speed.. is just unbelieveable


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