Linode size for phpwebsite

I want to run a couple low traffic websites using phpwebsite cms. It uses mysql and php and can require alot of memory in php.

Obviously larger is better. But what size Linode do you think I could get by with?

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I believe a Linode 64 or a Linode 96 will do, but I'd select a Linode 128 just to be sure. Then you'd also have room enough to add another site or two.

Myself, I'm running Apache2 along with MySQL, PHP, Perl as well as Postfix and Proftpd without problem. I even host an SMS service (or to be more specific, text messaging through an SMS gateway in Norway) and a graphics-heavy website for a Norwegian Counter-Strike gaming league (which snatches away about 50-60% of my monthly transfer limit). All run on a Linode 64.

I haven't had any major problems yet, except for the few snags that were system-wide (ie. affecting the whole physical host).

Linode 96 and up should work as long as your willing to go without a Control Panel like cPanel or DA.

I would also suggest a 96 or larger… 64 has always been pushing the limits with dynamic PHP/SQL/Apache sites.

a '64 works fine for me :D

(all from the same box, php/mysql gallery and blog)

Edit: forgot the mail/irc too :)


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