Is DNSSEC going to be supported?

Are there any plans to have Linode's name servers support DNSSEC for master zones? If so, when is it estimated to be available?

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That's an excellent idea! I don't have any ETA but I'll make certain the team here keeps DNSSEC support in mind for future updates.

It's been a year… any ETA on supporting DNSSEC on Linode's NS?

I would love to have DNSSEC activated for my domain. It doesn't protect against all DNS-based attacks, but it's a start.

Thank you.

I have cPanel installed on linode and software update feature has DNSEC Clustering..

This has been an update that has been lingering for close to 8 months.

If I enable the update to install DNSEC, will this disrupt my current DNS with linode?

@thx2012 Since Linode's DNS Manager does not support DNSSEC, we recommend disabling this feature.

This cPanel forum post mentions the below steps:

in the Feature manager, WHM -> Packages -> Feature Manager , disable Manage DNSSEC.

cPanel released information about this on their blog, and I recommend reaching out to them for any questions on disabling this feature when you upgrade.

I have added your comment to our internal tracker in regards to adding future support for DNSSEC.

Hope that helps!

Another user wanting DNSSEC. Would be a great addition, @Linode!

Run your own dns servers, i do that👍

@undecided Thank you for letting us know you're interested in DNSSEC too. I've gone ahead and added your interest to our internal tracker!

Add one more….thanks!
I run my own DNS but would like to see this supported on Linode's also.

Count me as well for this feature, I hope this can roll out quite fast. Thanks in advance ;)

I'll put in another vote for DNSSEC in Linode's DNS manager. Not having it is one reason I'm currently running my own DNS. I wouldn't mind being able to move it to Linode's DNS manager.

Thanks for the comments! I've added all of the newest interest to our internal tracker as well.

another vote for DNSSEC in Linode's DNS manager.

+1 DNSSec Support Please!

Another vote for DNSSec please!

It's been over 2 years… +1


Are there any news on DNSSEC support?
It's a pretty important security feature - and Linode is pretty big on security in general, so it's surprising that it's taking this long.

I would also very much like DNSSEC. It's basically the only reason I'm running BIND instead of using Linode at this point.

+1 for dnssec

+1 Would be nice if a staff member gives us an update, it's been a while

+1 Do we get a discount if we have to deploy our own dns?

+1 for DNSSEC

Any update on supporting it?

+1 for DNSSEC can we have an eta for this feature…

+1 for DNSSEC, Amazon AWS supports this, could we get this feature too please?

+1 for DNSSEC already.

Linode Staff

@ShiftyByte and @erratic Thank you for adding your voice to this feature request. I've included your request in our internal tracker for future consideration.

@Linode, DNSSEC please!

Yes please. Add DNSSEC.

+1 for DNSSEC, literally the only thing keeping me from switching all my domains to primary Linode nameservers.


A happy customer for the past eleven years

+1 more for DNSSEC,
Same here, the only thing keeping me from switching my domains to Linode nameservers is that there are no DNSSEC support. :(

Best Regards,

I have loved every single thing about Linode up to this point. The lack of DNSSEC is the very first feature I've wanted that isn't yet offered.

Keep up the great work, hope to see DNSSEC very soon!

+1 DNSSEC. We all think this is a very useful feature. Please add support for it.

+1 more for DNSSEC,

As other users the only thing keeping me from switching my domains to Linode nameservers is that there are no DNSSEC support.

I hope to see this feature soon on Linode.

Best Regards :)

I am looking at moving my DNS away due to lack of DNSSEC personally, not something I want to do due to my preference to have it at a single provider and the amount of work I will need to do, but something non-the-less I think I need to do

ENS Ethereum domains now allows importing regular .com .net etc domains to also serve ETH wallet address.

It requires the DNS manager to support DNSSEC.

I'm very interested in this, and linode still doesn't support this… You will be losing potential customers because of this…

Please support DNSSEC!


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