Is DNSSEC going to be supported?

Are there any plans to have Linode's name servers support DNSSEC for master zones? If so, when is it estimated to be available?

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Linode Staff

That's an excellent idea! I don't have any ETA but I'll make certain the team here keeps DNSSEC support in mind for future updates.

It's been a year… any ETA on supporting DNSSEC on Linode's NS?

I would love to have DNSSEC activated for my domain. It doesn't protect against all DNS-based attacks, but it's a start.

Thank you.

I have cPanel installed on linode and software update feature has DNSEC Clustering..

This has been an update that has been lingering for close to 8 months.

If I enable the update to install DNSEC, will this disrupt my current DNS with linode?

@thx2012 Since Linode's DNS Manager does not support DNSSEC, we recommend disabling this feature.

This cPanel forum post mentions the below steps:

in the Feature manager, WHM -> Packages -> Feature Manager , disable Manage DNSSEC.

cPanel released information about this on their blog, and I recommend reaching out to them for any questions on disabling this feature when you upgrade.

I have added your comment to our internal tracker in regards to adding future support for DNSSEC.

Hope that helps!

Another user wanting DNSSEC. Would be a great addition, @Linode!

Run your own dns servers, i do that👍

@undecided Thank you for letting us know you're interested in DNSSEC too. I've gone ahead and added your interest to our internal tracker!

Add one more….thanks!
I run my own DNS but would like to see this supported on Linode's also.


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