imapd-ssl: authentication error: Input/output error

I followed the HOWTO Email system for the home netwok and get this "imapd-ssl: authentication error: Input/output error" in my mail.err file everytime I try to log in. I have tried looking over the web on this forum but nothing I have seen works.

I have double and tripple checked everything that I thought would cause this but im still stumped.

Sep 29 19:38:17 xxx imapd-ssl: LOGIN FAILED, user=xxx, ip=[::ffff:]

Sep 29 19:38:17 xxx imapd-ssl: authentication error: Input/output error

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The authentication scheme for Courier IMAP has changeds for version 4 and it's a bit of a muddle. Check this link for info on a possible fix, even if you're not using Gentoo and/or you're not upgrading but doing a fresh install.

Hey thanks that was the problem!!!


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