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Hello, I cannot access the database and phpmyadmin with the new (or even the old password) and the sites are down, after I did a root user password reset, following the Linode guide;
I am confused about what actually a root user in this context is, which I presumed was my login for the database and phpmyadmin. Kindly help.

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If you followed the instructions to reset-the-root-password-on-your-linode then you probably changed the password for the 'root' account for the Linux operating system. So, if you SSH to your Linode and you login as the 'root' user -- this is the password that was changed.

Your database also has a root account (but the password will most likely be different than the operating system's root account password).

Resetting the password for your database server is usually more complicated and it depends on which database server you're running, but I did find a few articles that might be helpful:

For MySQL:

For PostgresSQL:

Thanks much for that. I can still log into linux using passphrase; may be I have to revisit it the settings again to get all that right there.
Ok, yes I can log into the database using the old password; but my sites all down and cannot restart apache and cannot access apache log as well. Could you advise why this would occur after password reset? The only thing I did apart from this the pw reset was to set wp-cli.
Thanks again.

Well, there some other issues affecting the sites I noticed, so have reverted them back to the previous state and will get the db pwd changes set up separately as you have suggested.


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