Need a professional service for site migration and integration

Hi guys,

I'm new here. Previously I am on shared hosting plan which they provide me all the canned panel (DirectAdmin). As for Linode, it's a completely new stuff for me. My friend recommended me Linode and thus I was thinking of giving it a try.

Currently, I have no idea what should I do with this account on Linode, I have made payment of $50 to try out Linode services, the basic plan of $5 per month.

All right, let me make it short.
Current provider location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Current control panel: DirectAdmin

What would I need to do:
Linode SG for hosting.
I needed a recommendation of OS for web hosting services.
I need to purchase DirectAdmin lifetime license (just 1 will do).
I need someone to assist me in all these, may I know the price, please?

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My best advice is learn the way of the terminal and Linux commands. Download a copy of putty to ssh into your server. Back up your server, Fire up a VM to practice on, read the guides Linode has, and you’ll be much better off than spending lots of money on stuff like cpanel or whatever.

Welcome to Linode. You can always chat with us in the IRC channel too.

Thank you @LouWestin for the quick reply! I'm afraid I don't have much time to learn all that up within such a short period of time. So usually Linode is for professional to host website (and do a lot more other stuff) while keeping all the cost lower? Hmm… So does that mean I can basically host the websites without those CPanel or DirectAdmin over here at Linode while just keeping it at $5 per month?

Cheers @royce,

We recommend you reach out to our Professional Services Department via their sub-page - found here:

Click "Get a Quote" and they will get back to you once they have taken a look. In regards to licensing, you would need to reach out to a licensed reseller or directly to DirectAdmin.

Popular operating systems for web servers are CentOS, Ubuntu, among others. You can find a full list of our supported distros here:

Since you are located in Malaysia, our Singapore data center location could work.

Linode Support Team

Thank you @pambrosky for the quick reply. I've contacted the professional team but haven't got a reply yet. Probably there are off on Sunday?

Yes, I did create one Linode using CentOS 7 and located in Singapore. But I've no idea how to move on from there onwards. Haha, I'm kind of noob for all these.

Update: Linode replied me. It cost me US$100 per month for the professional services I need. But my Linode cloud only cost me US$5 per month. So yeah, I'm still considering. Should I?

Cheers @royce,

Sweet deal. They'll be back in the office on Monday. You can check out our docs page in the meantime - which goes over configuring your server and what have you.

Linode Support Team

^What pambrosky said. I run Debian since I’m more familiar with the commands, but CentOS is fine too.

I run two Wordpress websites off of the $5 a month Linode and I just use Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Plus a Minecraft server on the $10 a month plan…All setup in the terminal and just using Linode’s guides.

I came from shared service too with CPanel and such. It’s not that hard. Just stick with it. Besides some of us are pros, some aren’t. I’m halfway between pro and noob. Lol. But i learned a lot just using Linode and hanging out in the IRC chat.

I’ve been here about four years now and I’d never go back to shared service. It’s scary at first, but after a few weeks you’ll see that your site isn’t going to crash and burn and after doing some reading you learn a few commands and you’re good. Pick the back up option too once you get your site up.

But as far as the pro service, it depends on your budget and needs.

Thanks to @LouWestin and @pambrosky for the reply. Anyway, as for the professional services, they replied to me. It would be roughly about US$100 a month for the services. While my Linode services only cost around US$5 a month. I'm yet to decide which services I should be using now. My shared hosting provider, I've been with them over the past 10 years, but it started to slow down recently. I think I have no choice but to say goodbye to them. It takes more than 10 seconds to load up a simple site, how would my customer feel about it? Sigh.

Keep in mind that Linode is unmanaged, which means you’re the Admin for most things, except replacing hardware and stuff. You don’t need professional services to use Linode, it’s just a nice option if you have a compelling reason to use it.

As far as website loading time, it could be the host or it could be your actual site. If you have like 50MB of background images and 5000 java script scripts loading or something else that’s wrong with the site then that’s more likely the root of the slow site issue.

I understand @LouWestin. But my site has less than 50MB of background images and 5000 java scripts loading. You may check my site out at

Something is wrong which is why I'm switching provider.

Yeah no I’m exaggerating on the image size thing. There can me site issues which contribute to long load times. But right now at 6:25pm CST from Chicago it took about 2-3 seconds to load which seems fine. It’s possible that the host is running into latency issues like you mention.

Since your running a WP site, you can certainly start one up here on Linode without too much trouble. There’s a guide for setting up a Wordpress site using Apache, PHP, and MySQL. I’d go with Debian 9 Stretch over Ubuntu.

Thanks @LouWestin for your guide. But I might need more advice from you as I need LetsEncrypt SSl, A NAME, DNS Records for private email hosting by GOOGLE too. Can I get done over this unmanaged services too?

For Let's Encrypt, I would follow their guide using Certbot since that's what I did and that worked out fine.

Part of A Name/DNS records can be done through Linode, but you have to point your domain name to Linode's name servers on your current host's portal or transfer your domain name to another domain name provider and point the domain name to Linode's Name Servers. How you actually point the domain name is different for each provider.

Lastly, Google Email hosting would be separate from Linode, but Google offers support for that.

Thanks @LouWestin. I'll give it a try when I reached home later.

You’re welcome. :-) You can always ask questions too in the IRC #Linode channel.


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