How do you move a Authorized_keys?

So I have an user that has a private key and public key. These keys work. However I wanted to change the home directory of this user to /var/www/html/ The reason for it because I want to restrict this user from browsing trough the entire server. here is a YouTube video that I'm following link

By doing some research I found the following:

In principle, moving SSH keys to a root-owned location is easy:

  1. Create a suitable root-owned directory, e.g., /etc/ssh/keys, under which authorized keys are stored.
  2. Create a subdirectory under this directory for each user, and move each user's authorized_keys file to /etc/ssh/keys/<user>/authorized_keys.
  3. Finally, change set AuthorizedKeysFile /etc/ssh/keys/%u/authorized_keys in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.


However the responds I get from the server when trying to log in is:
Server refused our key

What could be the cause of this?

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I wish I could delete this post…

It seems that I made a grammar mistake inside the /etc/ssh/sshd_config

I used &u and not %u. The font made them look the same :*(


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