What have I got to do, Linode-side, before connecting to a runcloud.io instance?

Hi, I'm very new to Linode. I'm also almost totally new to server administration (I'm just a php/js/html developer, I use mostly wordpress, and just studying Laravel). That's why for now I'm planning to use runcloud.io.

I have to move some websites from another server.

What are the steps I should do here in Linode before connecting to runcloud? I mean, what should I configure here on my Linode server? Considering that I expect most of the things to be done by/via runcloud, what does it exactly remain to do here in my server?

Thank you

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You’ll want to look at the requirements first for Runcloud. Also make a note of the firewall ports that need to be open.

Then go through Linode’s start guide and securing your server. As well as Runcloud’s installation guide.

Hey there! I also did a little bit more digging and found this post from a few months ago that might help point you in the right direction. I also found this article for installing laravel on a Linode using Github and runcloud.io. Otherwise, I fully agree with what LouWestin shared:

Hope this helps!


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