Migrate from CentOS 6 server to CentOS 7 server

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I want to move my website from a CentOS 6 Linode to another Linode running CentOS 7. How can I do this without impacting my mail server running on the original Linode?

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First, create your new Linode, if you haven't done so already. As a starting point, I recommend working your way through our "Getting Started" and "Securing Your Server" articles:

Getting Started
Seuring Your Server

After your server is deployed, the next step is to install and configure any required software on the new Linode, which might include:

  • Web server (Apache or Nginx, most likely)
  • Database server, if required (such as MySQL)
  • PHP or other languages, if required

Here are a few great resources specifically for CentOS 7:

LAMP stack on CentOS 7
LEMP stack on CentOS 7

Once your software is installed, you can then move over your website data, files, and configuration files. If you are running different or upgraded software, some of your configuration files may not be compatible and you may need to reconfigure your new software. To move your data to your new server, you can use tools like scp, sftp, or even rsync. You'll also want to perform a backup of your database, copy it to your new server, and then restore from that backup.

Backing up your Data
Back up your MySQL Database
Introduction to Rsync
Transfer Files with FileZilla

After you moved over your data, update your DNS records to point to your new Linode. If you intend to keep your mail server on your original Linode, do not modify your MX records. Keep in mind that any changes to your domain's DNS records may take anywhere from a few minutes up to 48 hours to fully propagate.

DNS Records: An Introduction
DNS Manager


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