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I'm switching over to Linode from another provider, and I have a few questions to ask. I've already chosen my plan, but I need to install an image, and I'll need to know what the IP and root password are. Where do I find these settings and choose an image for my Linode?

I would also like to install a control panel on my Linode, and will need the addresses of your nameservers to get my domain pointed at my Linode's IP address.

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Where can I find my Linode's IP address and root password?

Depending which version of the Manager you are using, the instructions to find your IP address will be slightly different.

Classic Manager:

You will see a list of your Linodes and their IP addresses as soon as you login.

Cloud Manager:

You will see a list of your Linodes after logging in, and clicking on any of them will bring you to a page which shows you that Linode's IP address. If you have the Linode CLI installed, you can also use the command:

linode-cli linodes list

As for your root password, you will be prompted to create that when you first create your Linode (the Classic manager will prompt you when deploying an image), and will not be visible after setting it. We recommend storing it somewhere secure, such as an encrypted password wallet app. If you ever forget your root password, you can reset it by following the instructions in our guide

Deploying an image

In the Classic Manager, you will create a Linode and then click on it's Dashboard Link. This will take you to the Linode's Dashboard, where you can click the "Deploy an image" link to choose the image you would like to use. I have included our guide on Getting Started in the Classic Manager for your reference.

In the Cloud Manager, you will be prompted for which image to use when creating the Linode. I have included our guide on Getting Started for the Cloud Manager for your reference, as well.

How do I connect to my Linode via SSH?

SSH is enabled by default on all Linodes, and configured to run on the default port of 22. In the interest of security, I strongly encourage you to check out our guides on Securing your Server, as well as Using Advanced OpenSSH Features to Harden Access to your Linode


To connect to your Linode via SSH from a Mac/Linux machine, open a terminal and run the following command, where <user> is your username for the Linode (e.g. root), and <ip.address> is the IP address or FQDN of your Linode:

ssh <user>@<ip.address>


To connect to your Linode via SSH from a Windows machine, you can follow our guide on Using Putty

Can I install a control panel, like VestaCP on my Linode?

Yes, you can install VestaCP - or any other software that will run in a KVM hypervisor - on your Linode. You can find support for these configurations here on our Community Site. We also have a guide on Choosing a Control Panel.

What are the addresses of your nameservers?

Our nameserver addresses are:

In other words, all your getting started questions are answered in the Getting Started doc.

Great call out @alex!

I would even say our Beginner's Guide would be useful here. There's tons of useful information for all types of users, not just beginners.


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