How to paste in glish

I'd like to be able to paste text into the terminal window. Can someone tell me the keys or how I can do that. Because the normal ways don't seem to work.

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I do apologize but this isn't an option within Glish at this time. With this being said, it has been brought up for discussion with our Development teams. There isn't an ETA as to when this will be implemented but if so, we will announce this accordingly.

How are you supposed to enter a very strong long randomly generated password without the ability to paste?

@josephrussavage - In the meantime you could use the Lish console:

You could also connect to your server from your Mac using the built in Terminal or by downloading iTerm. If on Windows you could use PuTTY.

Since this post was created, we have added the ability to paste in Glish. In order to do so, you'll need to use the browser menu option and select paste. You won't be able to paste from the keyboard. More information on why it's this way can be found in the pull request where we implemented this feature.

@watrick Thanks so much for this implemented feature, it makes using a password manager like bitwarden so much easier! Although I can't paste in any manner on the glish nor the weblish.

Just tried pasting from Chrome browser and it drops characters so you don't paste what you actually copied - it is garbled. Safari doesn't enable a Paste menu.

Use PuTTY with your private key.
It work for me.


Issue arises regardless of app when putty or powershell asks on first entry, "connection is unknown - and are you sure!"

In this case it would be best to login through lish and script out fingerprint from the source. Copy in this case, the fingerprint, in order to compare - in order to automate comparison specifically or visually because that is nice too a line and line comparison on the same page aligned with each other, no mistakes there!

Tell me real quick why it is a bad idea to edit the javascript embedded in the web page or create and add-on specifically for this reason? I have not got time to travel down this rabbit hole and will be moving past this. Maybe I revisit later cause this is interesting.

When I said edit the embedded javascript I mean on my end not linodes end.

I don't need the argument that there is no real reason to copy/ paste fingerprint. I have reasons that is all that matters; that is why I code, not to just get by but to make the world into my vision!

Thanks for your time and good day!


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