Terminal up arrow in user mode

Up arrow works in root mode (prompt #), but not in user mode (prompt $). This behavior is presistent in lish, glish or ssh accessed terminal (from xubuntu 18.04). How can I fix it?

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Hey there!

What you are seeing might be an issue with the shell the user is in compared to the shell the root user uses. You can use the command printenv | grep -i shell to take a look. If you see a difference in the command between the root user and the limited user, you will want to change it to match the root user. So for example if you see SHELL=/bin/bash with the root user but SHELL=/bin/sh with the limited user, you will want to run sudo chsh -s /bin/bash <limited user> to change the limited user to the different shell. After that you will need to log out then log back in and your arrow key should work properly.

Hope this helps!

Yes, it worked, thx. It is only fully functional in ssh accessed terminal but not with web based lish or glish. Web accessed lish or glish terminal does not interpret correctly the "pipe" character (|), therefore I could not use the grep shortcut, but accessing linode from my linux machine with ssh everything works: up arrow and pipe character in restricted user mode, after of course shell environment is set to /bin/shell.


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